I am currently a freelance web developer, studying for a MSc in Web Development at Kingston University and living in London. Previously I was living in India doing social works.



I enjoy biking, listening to live music, sharing stories with friends, scrabble and drinking good coffee, camping, and travelling (especially in India). I consider myself to be of healthy body & mind. I enjoy singing, playing saxophone and am a keen acoustic guitarist. I am also learning to kayak.




Current Freelance work Sept 09 - Present

I create web sites using complex math & basic logic for common content management systems. I also develop JavaScript’s for web applications, and maintain Linux servers.

I currently mainly implement designs for websites into a themes or PHP modules for a CMS called SilverStripe. I have also used SilverStripe to create various web applications that can either integrate with existing external APIs and have even created an API for other websites to connect to. I am also involved in the community development of improving and finding software bugs.

For eCommerce sites I normally use Magento and also have some of my patches submitted into the core. Magento is also based on MySQL is OOP and MVC based.

I have several years of strong (X)HTML, XML and CSS skills. I offer a good understanding of Javascript including AJAX. I have experience of developing database-driven websites. I am also familiar with SVN / GIT (github account) for code collaboration. During my previous studies in media I learned a good understanding of graphical manipulation and still do this from time to time when required.


Indian voluntary work July 08-Sept 09

I studied at ATC (Antioch Training Centre), a Bible college in Mumbai that focused on growth and discipleship, aimed to make faithful stewards of Gods Kingdom. I learned to serve not only to the context of the church but also of mission and service to society.

While at ATC I studied the Bible and had social work duties including visiting a YMCA hostel, a Children’s orphanage, and a Church plant. I was involved in playing saxophone at my Church plant, and frequently lead worship on guitar at ATC.

After ATC I was offered ‘warden’ at a childrens hostel for the poor in Tamil Nadu. The role was to be an acting parent to the 24 boys and 10 girls staying there. I helped their studies of mainly English, Maths, Science, IT, & Music, and taught them; time management, self presentation, meal-time manners, and helped wash clothes by hand. In the morning and evening we would do Bible study/worship together and other times we would create games, or organise trips to a local park.


Previous Freelance work March 06 -July 08

I created (or amended) custom open source web scripts in PHP, and developed JavaScript’s for web applications. I also designed & developed windows based software to work with a cost effective (Linux) database servers, for managing stock/sales etc. I usually setup with MySQL (with ODBC) database for CRM and product management, IMAP/SMTP mail (with MySQL storage), squid proxy, file sharing and domain controller services.

I also offered remote support & hardware maintenance of all combinations of Apple/Linux/Windows desktop/laptop/servers. Where possible I helped people with advice to customers/suppliers regarding technical/sales issues, gave advice on products and problem solved other concerns.


Technical Support Manager Sept 04-March 06

I supported desktop/server software, and was involved in fault finding/repairing of hardware. I was solely responsible for maintenance and development of Linux/Windows backup/email/domain servers, including physical activity of network installation. I was entrusted to drive the company vehicle to customers’ sites across the Midlands and open/close the office premises regularly.

About me

Matt Clegg

Matt Clegg is a Web Developer living in The United Kingdom using Silverstripe and/or Magento to make great websites.

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